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Brilliantly Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Balloons Into A Bridal Shower

When you think of balloons, festive is probably one of the first words that comes to mind – and a bridal shower is one of the most festive events there is.

If you are planning a bridal shower and you want to create a fun and festive atmosphere, there's no doubt that you should incorporate balloons; however, you may want to display them in a way that is more unique and eye-catching than simply tying them on the back of the bride-to-be's chair or setting them in the middle of tables on balloon weights.

Here's a look at some cute and clever ways to incorporate balloons into a bridal shower that will delight the future Mrs. and make her feel extra special on this special day.

Champagne Bubbles

Champagne is a traditional celebratory spirit. If you're planning on cheering the bride-to-be with champagne at her shower, use balloons to create the look of champagne bubbles floating in the room.

To create this effect, start by blowing up pearlized white, gold and pale pink balloons in different sizes. Next, use tape to affix the balloons to a wall in a random formation, making it look as if they are floating champagne bubbles.

Floating Photo Display

Use photos to showcase the progression of the bride and groom's relationship. Instead of displaying the photos in picture frames or on a poster board, however, attach them to balloons. Simply blow up a collection of balloons with helium and tie a long piece of ribbon to the bottom of each one. Use a piece of tape to attach pictures to the end of each ribbon, scatter the balloons around the room and you have a floating photo display.

Tulle Wrapped Balloons

Hosting a rustic- or vintage-inspired bridal shower? If so, use tulle to turn balloons into breathtaking decorative accents. Just blow up balloons with helium and cover them with tulle. Use a decorative ribbon to tie the ends of the tulle around the bottoms of the balloons and you have lovely decorative accents.

Raindrop Balloons

Shower the blushing bride with a display of raindrops fashioned out of balloons. Tie a decorative umbrella to the ceiling above the chair that the guest of honor will be sitting in. Use fishing wire to tie strands of balloons to the interior of the umbrella. The balloons will look as if they are festive raindrops falling from underneath the umbrella.

These creative balloon accents are the perfect way to make a bridal shower fun, festive and fabulous. To learn more, contact a business like Dino's Party Center.