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Make Sure Grandma Will Be Comfortable During Your Wedding Photos

Most wedding ceremonies are immediately followed by a photo shoot of the bride and groom, along with their family and bridal party. While most guests are invited to enjoy a cocktail hour at the reception site, where there is plenty of seating for everyone, there often isn't any seating for everyone who is at the photo-shoot site. As you think about where your wedding photos will be taken and who'll be in them, make sure Grandma (and Grandpa) will have a comfortable place to sit near where pictures are being taken.

Grandma Will Get Tired

If your wedding photos are like most couples, they'll take an hour or two to shoot. Assuming she's included in several photos, you'll likely want Grandma periodically during this time. As the shoot goes on, however, she may become tired. After a busy morning of preparation and a ceremony, even the simple task of standing and smiling can fatigue an elderly grandmother. She'll probably want to sit down for a respite when the photographers are snapping pictures she's not in.

(Grandpa may become fatigued too, but he might be too chivalrous to take a seat when ladies are present. Nevertheless, you should make sure he has a seat, too.)

Renting Furniture for Grandma

If the place where you're having wedding photos shot doesn't have seating readily available, you'll want to rent some furniture for Grandma to sit, along with any other elderly persons included in the pictures. You've undoubtedly thought of all the guests at your cocktail hour, but make sure all the grandparents at your photo shoot are comfortable.

Even if you're heading to a park that has benches for pictures, the park's seating might not be close to where you'll be snapping the photos. In a scenario like this, it may be wise to use an outdoor furniture rental company, even though there are technically options available at the site.

When renting seating for Grandma to use during the pictures, there's a few criteria to consider. Any option you consider should:

  • be light and portable, in case you take pictures at multiple sites
  • have a full back that provides good support
  • have armrests to assist with getting in and out of the seat
  • be cushioned, so Grandma will be comfortable for an hour or two

Since this seating's purpose is functional more than aesthetic, these practical considerations should be prioritized over a seat's looks. Only your bridal party and family will see the seating since it won't be needed at the reception site, and they'll all understand that Grandma would like to rest.

When planning your post-ceremony wedding photos, think about each person that will be in them. Your grandmother, grandfather and any other elderly people included in the pictures would greatly appreciate it if you rented a chair for them to rest in between pictures.