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2 Creative Activity Ideas For A Child's Princess-Themed Birthday Party

If you're thinking about hosting a princess-themed birthday party for a special little girl, you're likely trying to think of a few games or activities the children can enjoy during the party. Food, cake, and presents only take up so much time, after all.

If you're looking for especially unique and creative ideas for the children, here are two creative, princess-themed party activities that will have all of the guests celebrating like never before:

Princess Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage kids to pay attention to the small details around them and follow clues. A scavenger hunt is also a fun activity that blends physical activity with mental prowess. Such activities are ideal for encouraging every child to take part and also reward teamwork.

To create a princess-themed scavenger hunt, hide clues written on fancy scrolls around the yard that have to do with various princesses and fairy tales. Have one clue point toward the next clue. A clue involving Cinderella, for example, would ask where one might place glass slippers before entering the the house.

That next clue could be hidden underneath a mat at the front door. Split the guests into two teams with separate clues that involve different areas of the yard. Whichever team finishes first wins a princess-themed gift or toy.

Princess Moonwalk Ball

For a creative activity idea using the aid of your local bouncer/moonwalk rentals company, research companies around you that deal in princess-themed bouncers. There are quite a few out there, many in the shape of castles with enclosed ball pits and/or bounce rooms. When inviting your guests, request they arrive in attire that's suitable for bounce play, but also princess-y.

Each child should pick a princess to pretend to be for the day and come with a crown, scepter, or other accessory that lets the children guess who they are. As the children enter the moonwalk/bounce castle, they should act out their pretend role as though the bounce castle is a real castle and they have been invited to a dinner and dance ball.

The kids can dance inside the bouncer, play, and pretend to be the belle of the ball. Afterwards, serve snacks and drinks like miniature sandwiches, punch served in plastic "wine" glasses, and princess-themed cupcakes.

Any little girl would be delighted to feel like a princess on her special day. Use either of the above princess-themed birthday party activities (or both!) to host a party she'll talk about and remember for years to come.