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A Wedding Planner's Guide To Outdoor-Friendly Summer Wedding Table Settings

If the weather is permitting and the venue is just right, an outdoor summer wedding can easily be one of the most beautiful and enjoyable events. However, when you are planning a wedding and reception outdoors in the hottest time of the year, it brings about an entirely new set of concerns that would not normally come up indoors. Most wedding planners realize this when it comes to big aspects of the wedding items, such as the flowers and the cake, but the smallest details can easily be disregarded. The wedding table settings and centerpieces may be a small aspect of the outdoor-wedding decor, but will definitely fall into the "special considerations" category in the summer.

Opt for Low-Gloss Glassware and Utensils

When you are shopping for plates, glasses, and utensils that will be placed on tables to be set up outdoors, opt for those that have a low-gloss or matte finish. Metallics and high-gloss glass and ceramics will attract a lot of sunlight. Not only will this mean a lot of glare at the table for your guests, but heat as well, which will not be good with cold salads or even the cake. Plus, it will make it even more difficult to keep drinks chilled in the glasses. If it is really hot, it is a good idea to just keep the dinnerware off of the table until it is time to serve the guests. 

Skip Real Flowers as Centerpieces

From bees and flies to ants and gnats, pests can be a real big issue at an outdoor wedding in the summertime. The last thing that you want is these pests bugging your guests while they are seated at the table. This is why fresh flowers will not be a good idea in most cases. Roses, lilies, and other colorful blooms will grab the attention of bugs in the area with their bright colors and obvious aromas. Either skip floral arrangements altogether or opt for non-fragrant plants like chrysanthemums and Mexican marigolds that will actually help to deter pests at the table. Additionally, you can add a few drops of citronella oil to the vase holding flowers to help keep unwanted pests at bay.

An outdoor wedding always means a little more planning than one held indoors. When hot summer temperatures are involved, the planning process can get even more complex. For more options that will help make your outdoor event perfect, talk to a professional wedding supply store like